Construction General Manager

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Construction General Manager

Dallas, Texas

Job Description: Construction General Manager – Family-Run Remodeling Business

Are you a seasoned construction professional with a knack for both interior and exterior remodels?

Join our well-established, family-run business as a Construction General Manager. With a minimum of 10 years of experience in residential construction and remodeling, you’ll lead our team in delivering top-quality projects while ensuring client satisfaction, efficient budgeting, and strong profit margins.



As the Construction General Manager, you’ll be the driving force behind our remodeling projects, responsible for various aspects of business operations:

  • Client Engagement:

Establish and maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their needs and expectations are met throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Budgeting Expertise:

Oversee project budgets, ensuring cost-effective resource allocation and adherence to financial plans.

  • Profit and Loss Monitoring:

Monitor project profitability, actively identifying opportunities to optimize expenses and maximize revenue.

  • Strategic Marketing:

Utilize your marketing skills to promote our services, attract new clients, and maintain a positive brand image.

  • Contractor Management:

Lead and manage a team of skilled contractors, ensuring their efficient performance and adherence to project timelines.

  • Recruitment and Selection:

Participate in the recruitment process, selecting contractors who align with our business values and goals.

  • KPI Monitoring:

Set and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), using data-driven insights to enhance project efficiency and quality.

  • Collaborative Teamwork:

Work closely with cross-functional teams to coordinate project details and ensure seamless project execution.

  • Profit Margin Enhancement:

Drive strategies to maintain healthy profit margins while delivering exceptional quality to clients.


  • Minimum of 10 years of experience in residential construction and remodeling, with proven project management expertise.
  • Strong client engagement and management skills, with the ability to exceed customer expectations.
  • Proficiency in budgeting, financial analysis, and profit and loss monitoring.
  • Effective marketing skills to attract new clients and maintain business growth.
  • Contractor management and recruitment experience, ensuring a skilled and motivated team.
  • Ability to set and monitor KPIs to drive project success and efficiency.
  • Team-oriented approach, collaborating with colleagues to achieve shared goals.
  • Dedication to achieving and maintaining strong profit margins while upholding quality standards.

Why Join Us:

Our family-run business values dedication, quality, and integrity. As the Construction General Manager, you’ll be part of a team that prioritizes both client satisfaction and business growth. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the success of our remodeling projects, create positive impacts, and foster an environment of excellence.

If you’re ready to leverage your construction expertise and leadership skills in a dynamic and rewarding environment, apply now to be an essential part of our mission to deliver exceptional interior and exterior remodeling.


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