Terms of Business


    a) The website is for the use of clients, prospective clients and Personal Best Worldwide employees to conduct business in a fair and proper manner. The website is copyright to Personal Best Worldwide Ltd and remains the physical and intellectual property of the company. The website/client portal is not for sale/hire, no employee of Personal Best Worldwide will offer the sale, hire or use of a specific function or part thereof of the website to any third party or entity.


    a) Standard packages are designed to be a tool for employers or hiring managers to view a selection of qualified candidates with different service levels to suit their particular needs. NONE OF THE STANDRD PACKAGES GUARANTEE A HIRE this includes all packages priced under $1800, and all packages that come under basic, standard or not stated as Placement fee hires.

    b) Standard packages are not eligible for return, refund or provision, provided a quality service is provided and the candidates meet the requirements set out in the scope of work provided by the client. If the client fails to provide crucial information for the job when work commences, it is the responsibility of the client to re-purchase or add on an additional service to meet the new requirements set out by the client.

    c) Payment is required up front for standard package purchases, additional services can be added onto a basic package later I.e. background check, reference check etc. Standard packages are charged per role. There is no limit on how many candidates you can hire from a standard package, and no additional fees apply if you hire more than one candidate from the selection provided.


    a) Placement fee arrangements are designed to be a “done for you” service and guarantee your new hire will stay in the role for 90 days minimum or a free of charge replacement will be provided.

    b) Payment can be split into 2 halves, an initial 50% deposit and a final payment once the project is complete, all final payments MUST be paid no more than 24 hours after the new hire starts their FIRST DAY in the new role. The 2nd payment provides the guarantee of replacement. If the second half od the payment is not made, Personal Best Worldwide will not offer any guarantee of the candidate or their integrity. Personal Best Worldwide will seek to recover monies and any cost associated with this is passed directly onto the non-paying client.

    c) Personal Best Worldwide offers a 90 days guarantee with all placement fee arrangements and will replace a candidate if; they leave the role within the first 90 days, they are deemed unsuitable for the role in the first 90 days. Personal Best Worldwide WILL NOT replace a candidate IF any of the following applies; the candidate has been subject to ANY type of discrimination either by the client or a representative or employee of their company, this includes; sexual, racial, gender, age, weight, sexual discrimination of ANY KIND and ANY KIND of workplace bullying or harassment by any representative of the company.

    d) If no suitable candidate is found for the client within the first 90 days, or time period set by the client, the 50% deposit is fully refundable, minus the advertising costs for the role, the client is able to set a max spend on advertising costs at the start of their project and can edit them throughout.

    c) placement fee arrangements are charger PER HIRE, meaning if a client hires more than 1 person for the same role, the fee will apply twice. If it is found that a client hires a candidate without notifying Personal Best Worldwide, we will seek to recover costs of the placement fee of the value of the role, plus damages and all respective costs to obtain funds will be passed directly onto the client.


    a) Personal Best Worldwide takes responsibility to ensure the security of your information, information of candidates and has memberships with the ICO for data protection. There may – however be instances beyond our control such as serious hacking offences carried out against us. We take every measure to ensure your information is safe and use third party payment processers who have multi-layer security. Personal Best Worldwide will notify its users within 24 hours of any data breach, including breaches that may affect the integrity of your information.


    a) There are some industries we do not serve for recruitment and selection, these include; any commission only role for any industry, cleaning, housekeeping and nanny/babysitting services, influencers, models or anything relating to the adult industry in any way. We do not recruit for pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing initiatives or any other similar type of role.


    a) Standard packages can be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund minus an administration fee of $20USD.

    b) Placement fee packages can be cancelled within 24 hours of purchase for a full refund minus an administration fee of $20 USD. Cancellation after 24 hours will result in the 50% deposit being forfeited.


a) By ordering a placement fee service from Personal Best Worldwide, the client agrees that Personal Best Worldwide will be the only recruitment company working on their role. If the client uses another recruiter or recruitment company who subsequently fill the role first, the client forfeits the 50% deposit paid for the service from Personal Best Worldwide.

b) The client acknowledges that the 90-day candidate guarantee only guarantees a replacement candidate, it goes not offer a refund of services on any scale.

c) if the client makes the employee provided by Personal Best Worldwide redundant, or lays them off, a refund will not be given.

d) no 90-day guarantees are provided for contract workers of 12 months of less.